The oldest fine pearl in history has been identified in the United Arab Emirates

The oldest fine pearl in history has been identified in the United Arab Emirates

The oldest fine pearl in the history of mankind has been discovered in a Neolithic site of the United Arab Emirates. The pearl has approximately about 7,500 years old, according to the French archaeologists in charge of its identification.

As reported by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), "Until now, gemologists had popularized the idea that the oldest fine pearl (dated 3,000 years BC) came from a prehistoric Japanese site”. The Laboratory of Archeologies and Sciences of Antiquity (ArScAn) has been in charge of carrying out the analyzes.


But nevertheless, "the pearl that has just been found in the coastal environment of Umm al Quwain 2, in the United Arab Emirates”, Dates from about 5,500 years before our era according to the data provided by the carbon 14 test. "It is therefore the oldest archaeological fine pearl currently known in Arabia and also in the world”, states in CNRS.

Thanks to the results obtained by this and other previous discoveries in the littoral area of ​​the southeast of the United Arab Emirates, it can be stated that pearl oyster fishing it was taking place in this region of the world much earlier than elsewhere. It could be used as "aesthetic value and may even be for ritual purposes”.

According to the researchers, “fine pearls occupied a particular place in funeral rites. Thus, the pearl found, without piercing, was deposited in the individual's grave in the necropolis of Umm al Quwain 2. In other necropolis, the pearls were placed on the face of the deceased, as in the upper lip”.

The journal Arabian Archeology and Epigraphy has been commissioned to publish the discovery. This shows the relevance of pearls in ancient societies in the areas of the Persian Gulf and the northern Indian Ocean. The importance was such that “were a major element of their cultural identity”Says the community.


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